Thursday 3 February 2011

Fail-safe force measurement

DABU/I AD2T Bridge Amplifier for Exact Force Measuring Chains
With the bridge amplifier DABU/I AD2T, Baumer offers a fail-safe force measuring amplifier for use in challenging industrial environments. The bridge amplifier has an analogue signal path and converts mV/V signals from bridge circuits with strain gauges into a voltage or current (version DABU/DABI) signal. Depending on the type of product, a 2x¼ bridge or a full bridge can be connected to the input of the amplifier. The DABU/I AD2T boasts a bandwidth of 1000 Hz and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Its wide tare level of ± 6 mV/V allows for safe and easy implementation of the measuring chain even under difficult assembly conditions. The tare function can be triggered by a control pulse and only takes 5 ms to complete its operation. The amplifier has an input signal range from 0.25…2 mv/V.

The small, rugged aluminium housing of the unit complies with protection class IP65. As the amplifier does not contain any mechanical parts, it is highly resistant to vibration, which makes it particularly suitable for use in industrial applications. Electromagnetic compatibility has been tested according to the European norm EN 61000.

The DABU/I is suitable for static and cyclical measurements. It was designed to complement measuring chains with any force and strain sensors by Baumer, including the DLRx load cell, DSRC strain ring, and DLRP strain sensor. Thus, the DABU/I AD2T supports Baumer’s patented STRAIN-MATE principle, which makes it possible to measure clamping forces with strain rings, but without the time-consuming procedure of bonding strain gauges onto the surface.

Depending on the respective configurations, the DABU/I is available with different levels of amplification. For full bridges, available versions include 0.25 mV/V, 0.50 mV/V, 1.00 mV/V, and 2.00 mV/V. For 2x¼ bridges, options include 250 με, 350 με , 500 με, and 1000 με

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