Thursday 3 February 2011

Greater versatility connectors

Harting has extended the versatility of its innovative Han-Yellock® connector family by introducing a new version - Han-Yellock® 60 - with a larger housing that enables up to six connector modules to be incorporated.

The new Han-Yellock® 60 retains all the key features of the initial Han-Yellock® concept, including the internal latched locking mechanism on the connector hood, a wide range of Han-Yellock® modules to offer a large number of potential configurations, an adaptor frame for use with modules in Harting's Han-Modular® series, insulators that can snap into the front or back walls of the housing, and a protected earth (PE) contact in crimp or Quick Lock termination

The new housing size 60 has been designed to offer an optimum balance between size and functionality. The installation dimensions give a compact profile in machines and switch cabinets, while a choice of function-oriented cable outlet angles ensures ease of handling and assembly in densely packed connector panels. The Han-Yellock® housings also protect the interface against unintentional or unauthorised opening. Mating and locking are carried out in a single step.

Covers protect the connector against moisture and dirt when it is not inserted, and contribute to the longevity of the connection. A further key design feature is the way in which the protective covers can be snapped in place on both sides of the housing. Customers can choose the direction of the cover swivel area, allowing adaptation to the individual application during the planning or retro-fitting stage.

Inserts from the established Harting Han-Modular® Series can be snapped into place in all Han-Yellock® housings without tools by using an adaptor frame. This process can be carried out on the insertion or termination side, which simplifies work sequences during commissioning and cabling work. The adaptor frame allows a broad spectrum of signal and power transmission modules to be integrated into the connector, including devices for electrical, electronic, fibre-optic and pneumatic interfacing.

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