Tuesday 8 February 2011

Crankshaft measurement

A new, large crankshaft measurement gauge for manufacturers of diesel, marine, and locomotive engines and mining, oil field, and power generation equipment is being introduced by ADCOLE Corporation.

The Adcole Model 1200-10 Crankshaft Gauge features a proprietary ball bearing spindle with <0.25 µm runout for measuring crankshafts up to 4.572 meters long, with a 559 mm swing dia., that weigh up to two metric tons. Utilizing a laser interferometer in combination with a contact follower having a 330 mm stroke, this high-precision gage can measure 3,600 data points on pin journals for roundness and straightness with 0.5 µm accuracy.

Equipped with a 483 mm touch-screen display and a Windows-based operating system for ease of use and output flexibility, the Adcole Model 1200-10 Crankshaft Gage can execute a full crankshaft measurement within 10 minutes. Built on a base of structural steel main cabinets with a large 457.2 mm thick surface plate, this robust machine weighs 20 metric tons.

The Adcole Model 1200-10 Crankshaft Gage is priced from (US) $900,000.00. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

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