Friday 11 February 2011

Fatigue rated load cells

Off-the-shelf fatigue rated load cells from RDP

When load testing calls for a high number of repetitive cycles, such as material test machines or long-term structural tests in aviation or automotive research, then a common solution is to specify a fatigue rated load cell. Now RDP Electronics can usually offer an off-the-shelf alternative for rapid delivery.

Because load cells used during repeated cycle testing programmes are themselves susceptible to fatigue failure the guaranteed limits are typically set less than the maximum static rating of the device. By operating RDP’s Model 41 load cell to perform within 75% or 50% of full range for example they can be used for applications that would normally require a fatigue rated model. A major benefit of this is that many standard load cells up to 50,000 lbs are normally available ex stock from RDP, allowing urgent projects to proceed quickly. Where test environments are wet, dirty or need submersible load cells, then appropriate versions can be supplied to order.

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