Thursday 24 February 2011

Smarter temp calibration!

Introducing a smarter way to calibrate temperature

Beamex has introduced a smarter, more efficient and accurate solution for calibrating temperature. It is a complete solution for temperature calibration with various different products and services, such as a series of high-quality dry blocks for field and laboratory use, smart reference probes and temperature calibration laboratory services. The Beamex® dry blocks communicate with the Beamex® MC-calibrators enabling fully automated temperature calibration and documentation!

Main features
• Beamex introduces two dry block product series: Beamex® FB Field Temperature Block and Beamex® MB Metrology Temperature Block
• Beamex® FB Field Temperature Blocks: lightweight, high-accuracy temperature dry block for industrial field use (3 models available)• Beamex® MB Metrology Temperature Blocks: portable temperature dry block delivering bath-level accuracy for industrial applications (4 models available)
• FB Series temperature ranges: from -25°C to +660°C
• MB Series temperature ranges: from -45°C to +700°C
• Both MB and FB series communicate with selected Beamex® MC-calibrators enabling fully automated calibration
•Accredited calibration certificate included as standard
• Beamex Calibration Laboratory offers recalibration services for the temperature range from -80°C to +660°C

Beamex® Temperature Blocks are suitable for
• Calibration of temperature sensors and temperature instruments with a sensor
• FB Series is ideal for on-site calibration and MB Series for laboratories and workshops• Industries: food and beverage, power and energy, petrochemical and chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas

Howard Instrumentation Ltd (sole agent for Beamex in Ireland) is a leading Irish provider of calibration solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements of process instrumentation.

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