Monday 7 February 2011

Making T/cs with ease

Click image to see welder in operation!
BEL Thermocouple Welder Model TLWELD9, from Tester Store, is designed for manufacturers and for laboratory use in the production of commercial grade thermocouple junctions, and for users of large numbers of exposed junction thermocouple such as test and development laboratories where multipoint temperature sensing of test pieces are required.

It has a safety welding pen design and eliminates the use of pliers. No special skills are needed and most people will be capable of producing quality work with minimal practice.

The instrument is operated via the front panel. It is a portable welding machine that allow the thermocouple wires to bond into freestanding beads. The Operator only takes a few seconds to bond the standard thermocouple wire into a temperature sensor.

This model is suitable for welding any type thermocouple wires from AWG40-AWG19 (0.1~1.1 mm) in diameter. A satisfactory thermocouple junction is produced without using argon. In just three steps a quality bonded thermocouple wire sensor can be welded. It has been selected by many famous laboratories throughout the world.

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