Thursday 17 February 2011

Cabling for industrial data networks

Harting can now offer a comprehensive range of ProfiNet-compliant cabling solutions for industrial data networks, including packages based on the recently introduced Ha-VIS preLink® system.
The range incorporates profile-specific cabling based on standardised industrial and automation protocols, including ProfiNet. The Harting ProfiNet cabling portfolio comprises types A, B and C ProfiNet cables, connectors such as RJ45 and M12, and accessories such as panel feed-throughs and hybrid interfaces for simultaneously supplying devices with dHartingata and voltage.

The Ha-VIS preLink® solution package is based on the structured cabling concepts defined by the ISO/IEC 11801 and 24702 standards for industrial premises cabling. Unlike profile-specific cabling, this portfolio is always executed with eight wires.

Harting's Ha-VIS preLink® is a universal cabling system that supports standardised interconnection technology across the boundary between the industrial automation and office IT sectors. As a result, it opens up completely new possibilities for ProfiNet by allowing structured cabling up to the automation 'island', passing the data services seamlessly on to the automation solution.

The PNO (Profinet user organisation) has already recognised these benefits, and has approved the Harting structured cabling solutions in ProfiNet Conformance Classes A and B.

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