Thursday 3 February 2011

New rental scheme cuts cost of instrument hire

Ashtead Technology has launched a new Perpetual Rental Program (PRP) that offers significant cost savings on both long-term and frequent rentals.

GE XL Go Videoprobe
Borescope Inspection
System, 3m and 6m available
on rental from Astead!
The PRP comes at a fraction of the standard rental rate and includes full technical support, making it an ideal option for longer-term rentals or for customers who rent the same instruments frequently. It combines the convenience of ownership with all the benefits of renting – for example, Ashtead Technology remains responsible for maintenance, annual calibration and repairs.

The new scheme is applicable to a selection of the very latest instrumentation, including advanced videoprobes and environmental monitoring instruments, such as the Horiba PG250 Gas Analyser and the advanced MultiRAE PID Gas Monitor from RAE Systems.

Summarising the benefits of the PRP scheme, Ashtead Technology’s General Manager Alan Hasson said: “Our aim is to put the right instruments into the hands of those that need them; which means that we need a large fleet of the latest technologies, a high level of technical support and financial packages that meet customers’ differing needs.

“With the launch of new schemes such as the PRP and the ‘Rent To Own’ plan, we are increasing our rental options and lowering costs to the customer, whilst simultaneously improving access to our unrivalled range of rental instrumentation.”

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