Thursday 10 February 2011

Sales director for Britain & Benelux

Aegis Appoints New Sales Director for UK and Benelux

Aegis Software has appointed Christian Teasdel as Sales Director for UK and Benelux. Aegis’ expanding business across Europe requires dedicated management attention to key regions. Mr. Teasdel’s appointment enables the organization to better fulfil Europe’s growing demand for factory-wide manufacturing information systems.

Christian Teasdel has been part of Aegis Software since 2004. His past roles included applications engineering, Customer Services Manager and Technical Director. His current role is to increase sales in the already strong UK and Benelux regions working both directly and through sales channels as well as OEM partners, while freeing resources in the organization for Aegis’ expansion into new markets within Europe. Mr. Teasdel has an engineering background and in-depth experience in NPI since 1992 in various SMT companies.

Aegis enjoys a strong presence in Europe with approximately 15% of its 1100+ factory sites. The Company is seeing a steadily growing MES-system installed base both through upgrading existing NPI users as well has new customers finding the Aegis solution very well suited for the European manufacturing market.

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