Friday 20 November 2009

• Two wire, 24vdc, loop powered transmitter for level, volume or interface measurement.
• Dry validation system allows the user to validate calibration on a purpose built test fixture in a workshop environment, without the need to fill and empty the vessel or remove the probe. This approach to validation offers our customers significant labour and material cost savings and process downtime when compared to traditional methods.
• Multiple bending allows the rod to be profiled to any vessel shape.
• Reliable and repeatable measurement is possible from the process connection right down to the probe tip allowing measurement from the first to the last drop and virtually eliminating the dead volume that cannot be measured.
• Simple loop tuning via PACTwareTM allows reliable and repeatable measurement even when vessel obstructions, such as, agitator blades and spray balls are within 6mm of the probe.
• Unaffected by changing process conditions such as vapour layers, foaming, surface agitation, bubbling or boiling, high fill and empty rates, varying dielectric and density changes that badly affect other technologies.
• Full ATEX hazardous area certification.
Liquid level measurement solutions
for the life science and food and beverage industries

Magnetrol International have added of a range of liquid level instruments that are dedicated to servicing the needs of the Life science and Food & Beverage industries. This group of products further expands our extensive portfolio of high quality liquid level and flow products and allows us to further develop our successful entry into hygienic industries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The hygienic family of products have been designed and developed to the same exacting standards, for which all Magnetrol products are renowned worldwide and this group of products includes the industry leading Eclipse 705 Guided Wave Radar level transmitter, Echotel 960 series Ultrasonic liquid level switches and Thermatel TD/TG series Thermal Dispersion flow and level switches.

All their hygienic products have been specifically designed to provide continuous reliability and repeatability, for even the most demanding of applications, and all hygienic products carry both 3A and EHEDG approval for use in applications that require the most stringent levels of cleanliness and they are ideally suited to both CIP and SIP cleaning regimes.

At the heart of the company's hygienic product family is the internationally acclaimed Eclipse 705 Guided Wave Radar. With over 6000 successful installations in hygienic applications around the world, the Eclipse has proven to be the level measurement instrument of choice for many globally recognised companies in the Food & Beverage, Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical industries and with features, such as those shown in the box it is easy to see why.

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