Thursday 26 November 2009

Remote device management

Control from afar!

The online management portal for M2M and remote device management, Netbiter from Intellicom, has got several new features.

The solution now includes new and improved features to monitor, control and manage remote units in an easy, reliable and cost efficient way.

For example:
    - New improved support for the EasyConnect concept that provides true plug’n’play installation of wireless devices, including secure access of firewall protected equipment.
    - Improved report manager for various reports (energy, tank level, temperature etc)
    - New alarm manager with scheduler
    - Improved browsing of remote devices
    - Improved fleet management to monitor geographical position using GPS enabled devices
“Hundreds of our customers are today minimizing service operational costs and improving equipment efficiency. The trick is no longer a fancy web site but rather provide a solution that takes a few minutes to install without being an IT or mobile phone networks expert," says Henrik Ebeklint, managing Director at IntelliCom Innovation. "True plug’n’play is the key."

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