Tuesday 24 November 2009

Clever displays

Intelligent displays now available with CANBus

Anders Electronics has announced the integration of the Controller–Area Network (CAN) bus into all new UMR Intelligent Display products.

The CAN bus interface, now interfaced with Anders’ UMR products via SPI, supports the CAN 2.0B protocol, and allows transmission and reception of extended and standard CAN frames at up to 1MB/second. The CAN driver is available under WIN CE 5.0, enabling applications to configure the CAN controller and communicate using the CAN bus.

These CAN-enabled UMR modules are available for evaluation purposes as an accessory board with the UMR development kit. For large OEM customers, the CAN Bus interface is also available as a reference design.

The Anders’ line of UMR Intelligent Displays consists of small-sized colour touch screen displays, pre-integrated with a PXA270-based embedded system running WIN CE 5.0, ready to drop in to any device as the user interface platform. Together with Anders’ GUI development products and services, and a rich set of APIs available as a part of the Software Development Toolkit, UMR products instantly upgrade product user experience with a next generation display interface and cutting-edge functionality.

“Anders has always sought to offer our clients rapid access to emerging standards,” said Rob Anders, CEO of Anders Electronics. “With the CAN bus, our UMR Intelligent Display clients ultimately improve their products’ competitive edge by offering enhanced functionality and reliability at a lower cost,” he concluded.

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