Friday 20 November 2009


Precision solid state inclinometers accurate to ±1 milli-radian

Sherborne Sensors has announced the launch of the T700 series, a high-precision range of compact, DC-operated solid state MEMS inclinometers. The T700 series is designed to measure inclination proportional to sine of angle in one axis (model T710), or dual axes at right angles (model T720), in applications where space is at a premium.

Available in ranges from ±30° to ±90°, the Sherborne Sensors T700 series features an advanced micro-machined MEMS sensor, incorporating air damping. Unlike fluid-damped devices, air damping is essentially independent of temperature, which enables the inclinometer to reliably perform over a very wide temperature range. Units are housed in a lightweight, robust light alloy package and are fully compensated for temperature effects on both sensitivity and zero. The T700 series also incorporates positive mechanical stops, conferring excellent shock resistance and offering reliable over-ranging protection. DC response capabilities of the Sherborne Sensors T700 series facilitate exceptional measurement accuracy. Units are designed to operate from an unregulated DC power source, and offer a self-test feature on both axes.

Sherborne Sensors T700 series inclinometers are supplied with an integral shielded cable with built-in strain relief, attached to the inclinometer housing, which may also be fitted with an optional electrical connector. The T700 series -0101 model variant incorporates a temperature sensor, which enables each unit to be individually characterized over its operational temperature range. A supplied characteristic error correction equation helps further minimize measurement uncertainties due to zero offset, sensitivity error and linearity, thermal zero shift and thermal sensitivity shift. By entering equation coefficients into the host operating software, cost-effective, high-precision inclination measurements, with accuracies better than ±1milli radian, may be achieved. The T700 series is also supplied with a comprehensive two-year warranty.

T700 series inclinometers are ideally suited for a variety of applications, including road bed analysis, platform and machinery leveling, satellite antenna positioning, civil engineering analysis, and geophysical and seismic studies.

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