Tuesday 10 November 2009

FF approval

Device Couplers Approved by Fieldbus Foundation®

The TG200 and TG300 TRUNKGUARD™ Series Fieldbus Device Couplers from MooreHawke, the fieldbus division of Moore Industries, have successfully completed the Foundation Device Coupler Registration Process for the Fieldbus Foundation.

The company has received a registration certificate for five models in the TRUNKGUARD TG200 series: TG204, TG208, TG20X, TG20Y, and TG20W, and two models in the TG300 series: TG304 and TG308. They are now all registered as FOUNDATION Device Couplers.

TRUNKGUARD TG200 and TG300 Series Fieldbus Device Couplers deliver a fast and easy way to connect multiple fieldbus devices to a main fieldbus trunk in FOUNDATION fieldbus™ (H1) and PROFIBUS PA networks. TRUNKGUARD is the first fieldbus Device Coupler to provide fully automatic segment termination. The patented technology prevents fieldbus segment failure from under- or over-termination, a major problem in fieldbus startups.

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