Friday 20 November 2009


Rugged transducers offer 20,000g shock survivability and minimum 2X burst pressure

Endevco Corporation has announced the debut of the 8511A series, a family of high sensitivity, rugged piezoresistive gauge pressure transducers, expressly designed for maximum reliability in extreme measurement environments.

Available in ranges of 5,000; 10,000; and 20,000 psig, with a 3/8 mounting thread, Endevco® 8511A series pressure sensors feature a four-arm piezoresistive strain gage bridge, diffused into a sculpted silicon diaphragm, for maximum sensitivity and wideband frequency response. The transducers also feature self-contained full hybrid temperature compensation, providing stable performance over a wide temperature range of 0°F to +200°F (-18°C to +93°C). In addition, these rugged transducers are designed to survive 20,000g shock and minimum 2X burst pressure.

The 8511A series also offers excellent linearity, high shock resistance, and high stability during thermal transients, making them ideal for use in studies of structural loading by shock waves resulting from explosive blasts; hydraulic or combustion system pulsation measurements; and automotive airbag testing. For harsh environments where particle impingement is a concern, an optional protective screen and black silicone grease coating is available. This further reduces photoflash sensitivity and provides an effective thermal barrier for short duration high temperature service.

Recommended accessories for use with the Endevco® 8511A series include model 136 three-channel system, model 4430A signal conditioner, or model 4990A (Oasis), as signal conditioner and power supply.

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