Thursday 26 November 2009


LVDTs ideally suited to high duty cycle applications

Applications that call for continuous or repetitive measurement can place considerable demands on transducers. Demands that RDP Electronics Ltd’s range of LVDTs are well suited to meet.

Process industries, production environments and destructive testing applications need reliable, repeatable results often involving continual feedback with very high cycle lives. RDP has an extensive selection of LVDTs embracing a range of displacements, as well as miniature versions and types developed for special applications. Used in environments subject to vibration LVDTs are not subject to the problems associated with potentiometers for example. With vibration present it is not uncommon for small sections of potentiometer wipers to fail prematurely. But no such problems for LVDTs. The spring return versions can be subject to hundreds of thousands of cycles. Captive LVDT versions are good for millions of cycles and correctly installed, unguided LVDTs will perform indefinitely.

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