Friday 6 November 2009

HMI software

Fourth-generation HMI software

iX, from Beijer Electronics, is a software-based HMI concept that fills the gap between proprietary HMI terminals and costly SCADA licence solutions. It consists of a development environment and a runtime environment and is available in several versions, including a complete Lauer HMI concept that can run on a panel PC or desktop PC platform as well as a runtime version for PCs from other suppliers. Thanks to support for the Microsoft .Net framework, iX enables a multitude of customer-specific adaptation options. With the ability to integrate externally available .Net controls (DLLs), there are practically no limits to your creative imagination in the generation of user-defined objects.

In combination with Microsoft´s Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) standard, users have unprecedented options for developing user interfaces. The use of vector-based graphics ensures that user interface environments are always rendered precisely, regardless of the scale factor. A large number of predefined graphic objects, such as switches, indicator instruments and technical pictograms, give even novice users rapid access and enable fast results. Additionally, iX supports the well-known Microsoft multifunction bars and thus frees designers and users from the shackles of nested menus. This means that suitable commands can be anchored to the desired locations. iX constitutes an open platform solution and supports the OPC standard. Users have the choice of using protocols from an extensive pool of drivers or a connection via a third-party OPC server. All data is stored in compliance with the SQL standard, which facilitates fast, easy data administration.

As a special feature, iX is fully script programmable in C#. This allows users to use an object-oriented programming language to modify existing and yet to be defined objects as desired. There are no limits to individualisation. A large number of professional suggestions, and even open-source code examples, are available on the Internet.

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