Tuesday 24 November 2009

Weather timely!

Met Office launch the Self Referencing WindSonic

The discussion everywhere in Ireland and in Britain is of the extraordinary weather we have been having. Words like "not in living memory" are being applied to the events in Cumbria in England and Cork City in Ireland. Though the instrument described here cannot be said to have been launched for this weather it assumes special attention today.

The British Met Office designed ‘Self-Referencing WindSonic’ has been designed for those applications where relative and true wind speed & direction information is required.

The system aligns the Gill Instruments WindSonic wind sensor with a True North Technologies Revolution™ compass.

The Revolution™ is a magnetic compass, which must be mounted onto non-magnetic stainless steel. Any mild steel fabrications should be at least 2 metres away.

The self referencing systems compensates for the buoy rotation and provides both true and relative wind speed and direction

The Met Office selected the ultrasonic WindSonic for use on their MAWS (Marine Automatic Weather Station) Network to replace the problematic cup and vane anemometers. They are delighted with the ‘fit and forget’ properties of the WindSonic used on data buoys moored in open sea, and intend to role the WindSonic out to their Lightships and Island AWS’ (Automatic Weather Station’s).

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