Friday 6 November 2009

Soil monitor

New disposable residual soil monitor for hospital washer/disinfectors

Isopharm Sentry has added the SteriTec Wash-Check disposable cleaning monitor to its range of residual soil detection products. The Wash-Check is designed for easy monitoring of cleaning efficiency during the wash phase in hospital washer/disinfectors.

Wash-Check disposable monitor strips feature a simple-to-read red test soil, which can reveal poor, intermediate and acceptable cleaning. The strip also has a location recorder which allows the user to mark on it the strip’s position within the washer basket. The Wash-Check can easily be used in different positions and shelves in the washer/disinfector to check cleaning efficiency. It is also suitable for use in pre-soak or in an ultrasonic cleaner so that it can follow the same cleaning path as the instruments.

After use the monitor can be stapled to the Wash-Check Record Sheet to allow a permanent record to be made. Wash-Checks, together with other residual soil products, can be ordered from Isopharm Sentry’s on-line store.

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