Sunday 15 November 2009


Triple output linear power supply

Calex has announced the availability of the 3.15.1000 linear power supply. The 3.15.1000 provides a low noise, highly regulated +5 V and ±15 V output for a total of 8 W of output power. The rugged, epoxy potted construction of the 3.15.1000 makes the unit ideal for use in a wide variety of sensitive analogue circuitry applications utilising operational amplifiers, function modules and data conversion circuits.

The 5 V output of the 3.15.1000 provides up to 1 A and the ±15 V outputs provide up to ±100 mA. The output voltage accuracy is ±1.0%. Line and load regulation is ±0.2%. Noise and ripple is very low at 2 mV RMS. The 3.15.1000 can be powered by 100, 115, 220, 230 and 240 V AC. The model features foldback current limiting short circuit protection so the unit can be shorted indefinitely without damage. The case temperature operating range of the 3.15.1000 is -25ºC to +50ºC. The case size is 89 x 64 x 40 mm and uses an industry standard pin-out making the unit a suitable alternative for replacing problem or obsolete models from other manufacturers.

The 3.15.1000 is available with two optional mounting kits that provide solder lug or screw terminal connections. The MK215-022 provides solder lug connections and measures 109 x 108 mm. The MK215-08BDV provides screw terminal connections and measures 112 x 93 mm. Units are available from approximately four weeks. Contact us for pricing on the 3.15.1000 as well as the two mounting kits.

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