Monday 16 November 2009


New plug-in modules for PSM rails

Rittal has extended its Power System Module (PSM) range to allow the power consumption of individual servers and peripheral hardware to be measured per socket.

New plug-in modules for PSM rails record the individual currents for each socket and show the power consumption of the devices connected via three coloured LEDs on the right-hand side. A second LED on the left-hand side of the outgoing slots provides an overview of the overall power of the module. The presentation logic is automatically adjusted to the mounting position to rule out any misinterpretation.

Colour coding follows the traffic light principle: Green LEDs indicate that other equipment may now be connected safely. Amber indicates increased current on the module and before any other equipment is connected its’ installed load needs to be examined. Red indicates that another consuming device would trigger the overloading of the power supply. Values can also be viewed on a digital display enabling administrators to monitor the power consumption of every piece of equipment immediately.

In conjunction with the Rittal CMC-TC (Computer Multi Control Top Concept) sensor network, threshold values can be set and individual values, such as consumption data, can be centrally collected.

The new modules are available with six or eight slots, which can be switched individually via the network. On one PSM rail, up to three modules can be installed in 2,000 mm high racks or two in 1,200 mm enclosures. Mixed assembly with different modules is also possible.

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