Wednesday 25 November 2009

IS Pressure

Pressure transmitter now with SIL evaluation

WIKA has reacted immediately to the new safety standards within the process and machine-building industries: The Model IS-2X intrinsically safe pressure transmitter is now available with SIL 2 classification (Safety Integrity Level).

In order to enable the use of the IS-2X in SIL applications the most important safety-relevant data have been determined and summarised in an additional data sheet for safety-related data. These include the Average Probability of Failure on Demand (PFDa), the Hardware Fault Tolerance (HFT) and the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF). Process industry customers need this information for a SIL evaluation of the complete scope of application. For the requirements of machine building, MTTFd (Mean Time To Dangerous Failure) values are provided in order to be able to determine the Performance Level (PL).

The versatile pressure transmitters of the IS-2X family have been used for many years in the widest range of hazardous areas. Due to its approvals (ATEX, FM and CSA) the intrinsically safe instrument can be used worldwide.

WIKA products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology<

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