Tuesday 24 November 2009

Vision in dust and wet

Cameras for harsh industrial environments

The new uEye RE cameras from IDS combine the flexibility of the Gigabit Ethernet interface with the ability to reliably perform in dusty and wet environments. This new range of cameras, just introduced by Stemmer, is suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor vision applications, featuring a compact ruggedised IP65/67 industrial housing, as well as having excellent EMI tolerance capable of withstanding 4KV.

The camera series are available in 22 variants including high-quality monochrome and colour CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions from VGA to 10 Megapixels for a wide range of applications. Frame rates range from 6 to 100 frames per seconds, but all cameras in the range feature horizontal and vertical binning, subsampling or AOI to offer higher frame rates from the full resolution frame rates.

Like all cameras of the uEye series, the GigE uEye RE is supplied with an extensive software bundle to allow easy integration into any application. A comprehensive SDK as well as 3rd Party drivers for most image processing software applications are included. IDS Imaging also offers DirectShow and Gen Cam support with all of the cameras to provide a common software interface to achieve camera interoperability.

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