Thursday 19 November 2009

An eight channel oven temperature profiler

MadgeTech has just released the OctThermoVault, an eight channel thermocouple based oven temperature profiler.

The OctThermoVault can be placed directly in an oven to provide a complete temperature profile of the entire process.

With up to eight channels, both product and environmental temperatures can be captured. Each thermocouple has its own cold junction compensation reference point, providing increased accuracy and response time.

The OctThermoVault can withstand temperatures up to 350ºC (662ºF) for 25 minutes and has programmable reading rates as fast as 4Hz. Each channel can store up to 500,000 readings. Channels can be enabled or disabled to maximize memory capacity. For identification, each channel can be named with a ten character title. If a probe is removed or severed during logging, the device detects this change and the software will automatically annotate the data to indicate an open thermocouple.

The OctThermoVault is ideal for use in oven temperature profiling for the food processing industry and other heat treating applications. Simply start the logger and place it within the monitoring area. Data from all channels is simultaneously logged. After the monitoring cycle is complete data can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

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