Thursday 26 November 2009

microWave Level

New non-contact microwave barrier switch

The microwave barrier VEGA‘MIP’ (Microwave Impulse Point-level) is especially designed for the needs of the bulk handling industries. It can be applied to bulk solids or liquid level detection, in plastic vessels for example, or object detection - such as vehicle positioning/warning and oversize/height alarms on conveyors etc. As this is a non-contact measurement, VEGAMIP 61 has no direct contact with the medium, providing reliability for abrasive, aggressive or high temperature applications. In the case of metallic or conductive vessels, VEGAMIP can measure from the outside through a non conductive microwave permeable window, e.g. in ceramic, glass or plastic materials.

The instrument consists of a transmitter VEGAMIP T61and one or several R61 receivers for wider areas. The adjustable sensitivity receiver measures the attenuation of the microwave signal and outputs a relay switch. It has a very wide dynamic range, borne from the pedigree of over 250,000 microwave level devices sold world wide. The wide sensitivity range adds to reliability, especially when operating conditions are difficult, which means it still operates consistently with dirt, dust or build up. Operating ranges are up to 100m.

It can be used as a maximum or minimum sensor, switching delays can be set between 0.1 and 20 s. VEGAMIP is fully integrated into VEGA's plics® modular system. This means there are a range of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housings, as well as different antenna systems and process fittings available, allowing configuration of the sensor precisely to specific user requirements.

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