Wednesday 18 November 2009

Data loggers

On-line selection guide

Finding best-match technology for monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, or electronic signal events can now use The Dickson Data Logger Selection Guide, an online step-by-step resource guide available from Dickson Company, which offers the widest selection of data loggers and chart recorders for these monitoring purposes.

Multiple selection factors are provided including instrument displays, remote probe availability, alarm options, wireless/Ethernet/battery-operated or outlet-powered, operating ranges and cost. Users are able to drill down and mix and match various features until they identify the range of instruments that match their specifications.

Chris Sorensen, Dickson VP Sales and Marketing, comments, “We know that the data logger or chart recorder that is the best fit for one user’s application may not work well for another, and we maintain the world’s widest selection of top-quality instruments to ensure you’ll never have to make do with a less than optimal instrument match to your application.”

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