Thursday 26 November 2009


New laser distance meter talks you through measurements with extended 100-meter range

Stores 20 measurements for quick distance recall

Laser technology: far ahead for measuring distance
Laser distance meters emit light pulses with a defined wavelength and frequency. The laser beam is reflected off the target and back to the distance meter at the speed of light. The returning wavelengths and light pulses change in relationship to the ones sent out by the meter. The difference between the two signals is proportional to the distance to the target.

Unlike ultrasonic meters, the laser distance meter’s narrow laser beam prevents reflection off objects that are not targeted, avoiding false readings. Laser distance meters are much more accurate and reliable, and measure much longer distances than ultrasonic meters. It comes with an instruction book, carrying pouch to secure on a tool belt, batteries and a two year warranty.
Fluke has introduced its most advanced and capable distance measurement device, the Fluke 421D Laser Distance Meter. Its advanced features include audible feedback for taking room angle and incremental measurements, a +/- 45° tilt sensor for taking indirect measurements in hard-to-reach areas and enhanced Pythagoras calculation for indirectly determining distance. The Fluke 421D automatically stores the last 20 measurements for quick recall of previous measurements.

The 421D measures distances up to 100m with one push of a button. Laser distance measurement technology makes the Fluke 421D Laser Distance Meter far more accurate and dependable than devices using ultrasonic technology. It is IP54 rated for resistance to water spray and dust.

Like their other distance meters, the Fluke 421D helps electricians, facilities managers and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) contractors save time and labour. Instead of walking back and forth across a space with a tape or a wheel, the user can simply place the meter at the starting point, point the laser at the target, press one button and instantly read the distance, all without the help of a second person to hold the other end of a tape measure.

The Fluke 421D has a bright laser for easy targeting and a large liquid crystal display. Buttons are positioned for one-hand operation. The simple user interface allows the user to easily add or subtract measurements and quickly calculate area and volume. An automatic shut-off feature improves battery life, providing up to 5000 readings from a pair of AAA batteries.

These Meters boost productivity and save money by helping speed the measurement process and eliminate costly estimation errors. They are built to withstand a four-foot drop, featuring the ruggedness and reliability professionals expect from Fluke.

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