Tuesday 10 November 2009

EX Gas detection

Explosion proof wireless gas detection

The Gastronics True Wireless explosion proof gas monitors are available for measuring H2S and combustible gases for hazardous locations.

They are now available fully compatible with the recently agreed ISA100.11a 2.4 GHz MESH Standard

Using up to 6 Watts of Power on a UHF / VHF licensed radio frequency, the TW-XP can transmit and receive data for miles without direct line of sight or repeaters.

The dual purpose circuit board can act as a 3-Wire fixed system monitor and then by adding the internal radio, the TW-XP becomes a UHF/VHF wireless monitor. Capable of quarter, half and full channel spacing operation, the TW-XP is compatible where refarming compliant narrow band frequencies have been assigned.

Features and Benefits
    • Ideal for areas where metal structures may interfere with low powered, non-licensed radio signals.

    • Spare input for a 4-20 mA, 2 or 3 Wire auxiliary device, such as level, flow or valve position.

    • Includes 2 relays that can be used for both alarms as well as activating a valve.

    • Microprocessor firmware can be flashed to the monitor circuit board in the field with a laptop computer.

    • Calibration and Telemetry settings are easy to control with a non-intrusive magnetic tool.

    • Remote Radio silence can be enabled and disabled from a base transceiver.

    • Data reporting includes Gas Reading, 0.0-20.0 Auxillary Analog Input Reading, Temperature, and Relay/Alarm Status. Base Transceivers can provide Analog and Digital Outputs as well as Modbus- RTU Communications to a DCS or SCADA.

The TW-XP system is also compatible with Safer Systems® plume dispersion modeling software.

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