Monday 9 May 2011

Technology investment to be "Best of the best!"

The recently completed implementation of Aegis Manufacturing Operations Software allows Concept 2Market, Inc. (C2M) to improve efficiencies and quality by streamlining and controlling process planning and launch, process tracking and control, and quality and test management.

“Factory information visibility and process-wide control is core to competitiveness. We utilise technology to connect data to all of our factory processes”, said Todd Kirkeeng, President of C2M.

Aegis acts as the bridge from Engineering to Manufacturing by readying products for launch. They provide support for virtually every CAD type and simplifies programming of the machines that use the CAD data. Ensuring the documentation is revision controlled, is at the operator’s workstation, and provides the detail required to build quality product is now an automated process. And, it is achieved with the environment in mind through a paperless system, which is a step towards one of C2M’s corporate objectives.

Determining where all the work orders are located throughout the factory is now a matter of accessing real-time information. Customer service often depends on having the information they need when they need it. Aegis allows C2M to track WIP progress and provide predictive job completion times, which is important to C2M’s customers.

Quality has to be a “given” in any manufacturing process. The Aegis software provides C2M with the required information to build the product correctly and to verify the quality while the work is still in process so any corrections can be made

The Aegis software collects data and puts it into reports, visualizations, and real-time dashboards that are used by C2M to constantly improve quality and efficiency. Traceability of every product is also achieved and allows failures and rejections to be tracked down and eliminated before they become an issue for the customer.

C2M’s CEO and owner, Maria Kirkeeng, summed it up the best when she said, “We want to be the best of the best, which is why we’ve made this investment in technology. We’re taking the necessary steps to constantly improve our processes and efficiency so we can provide our customers with a superior product.”

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