Saturday 14 May 2011

Wireless mesh to new markets

Dust Networks expands WSN product line with 6lowpan offering

Dust Networks® has announced the availability of their new SmartMesh® IP wireless sensor network (WSN) evaluation kits. SmartMesh IP combines the reliability and ultra-low power of Dust Networks’ industrial products with native Internet Protocol (IP) for a robust, standards-based offering perfect for a broad range of applications.

Kris Pister, the founder and Chief Technologist at Dust Networks introduces the new SmartMesh IP product line.
“Dust Networks’ TSMP technology was the foundational building block of the IEC62591 wireless standard that enabled explosive growth in the industrial wireless sensing market,” said Harry Forbes, Senior Analyst with ARC Advisory Group. “With their new IP-based product, enterprise customers

SmartMesh IP provides robust wire-free connectivity for applications where low power, reliability, and ease of deployment matter. With Dust Networks’ new Eterna™ 802.15.4e SoC technology, every node in a SmartMesh IP network will run on batteries for 10 years, or forever with an energy harvesting power source. Even a simple solar calculator cell can power a SmartMesh IP router in a busy network. The ability to put a sensor anywhere, without wiring, allows network deployments that do not disrupt a building’s operations or occupants. With built-in intelligence that enables the mesh network to self-form and self-maintain, SmartMesh systems are easily deployed by field technicians with no wireless technology expertise.

“SmartMesh IP sets several new benchmarks for low power wireless sensor networking,” said Joy Weiss, President and CEO of Dust Networks. “We have worked hard to incorporate sophisticated features that will enable diverse customers to get their wireless sensing solutions to market quickly, and make the wire-free deployment and maintenance of those networks simple and trouble-free.”
SmartMesh IP is the first Dust Networks product to feature optional Location Awareness capabilities, allowing customers to not only transport sensor data but also to determine, on demand, the location of any node in the network. For example, in a multi-story office building with location-aware SmartMesh IP network nodes, service personnel could be immediately alerted to an issue and its location, accelerating problem resolution and reducing maintenance costs

The SmartMesh IP architecture is very versatile. Developers can select from a variety of network topologies, from full mesh to star, tailoring the network configuration to their application requirements. The SmartMesh IP Network Manager provides comprehensive security and network management, and dynamically optimizes network throughput. With simple APIs and extensive network and security management features, SmartMesh IP lets customers integrate sensing solutions quickly, and deploy rapidly.

The standard SmartMesh IP Evaluation Kit provides everything needed to demonstrate mesh network performance, data monitoring, digital actuation, and event notification.

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