Monday 16 May 2011

Building automation communications

Exclusive provider of SlotServer Communication Modules, manufactured by FieldServer Technologies

ProSoft Technology® is the exclusive provider for the SlotServer product line, manufactured by FieldServer. The SlotServer products provide in-rack connectivity between the Rockwell Automation® ControlLogixTM control platform and an array of Building Automation Systems and Fire Alarm Control Panel protocols.

The agreement with FieldServer is a strategic initiative which will expand ProSoft Technology’s range of network solutions to building-automation specific protocols. ControlLogix users, it will also widen the availability of the SlotServer products, through ProSoft Technology’s extensive global distribution channel. FieldServer Technologies industrial customers will gain easier access to SlotServer through the ProSoft Technology channels.

"The SlotServer product range consists of multiple solutions, including: LonWorks Communication Module (for building automation, transportation, and process control), BACnet (for the monitoring and control of building operations), N2 Communication Modules (for building control from Metasys®) and much more..!"

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