Wednesday 4 May 2011

Custom sensors are standard!

A very wide range of level sensor solutions for liquids; from simple water level switches and units designed as pure water level sensors to the very popular 20 series compact float switch and the advanced LVCS continuous liquid level sensor are available from The Deeter Group.

Between 70 to 80% of all sensors they manufacture are custom designs. This is not as daunting as it might seem as with its long experience and a back catalogue of many hundreds of designs a new custom design can usually be put together from a combination of pre-designed parts and control circuits.

Peter Whiteaker, Managing Director of Deeter Group comments; "More than 15 years experience of manufacturing sensors has clearly demonstrated that no matter how many standard products we design, customers will frequently want something different. Our ability to draw on our vast experience allows us to design and deliver custom sensors very quickly with low engineering and tooling costs and in quantities that meet our customers’ needs.”

This depth of experience means that in most cases a totally new custom design can be created in 2-3 weeks with the only design costs the customer has to bear being that of the assembly drawing – costing in the region of £30.00 - and with no large minimum order conditions.  All mechanical parts, circuit design and PCB design is done in-house helping to ensure the quality and reliability The Deeter Group is known for.

Deeter custom sensors offer a wide range of float designs for different liquids with different specific gravities and probe materials including corrosion free food grade 316L stainless steel, PVC and polypropylene for water and acid monitoring systems. Sensing may be via reed relays or hall-effect diodes and sensor length, control head and output cable may all be customer specified.

To accompany their custom continuous sensors Deeter has a bespoke digital display unit designed for simple panel mounting which can accommodate an appropriate LED bar-graph display and legend.

Examples of custom sensor systems from Deeter include simple water level sensors, float level switches, fuel level sensor or level indicators for almost any fluid.  Installations include; agricultural vehicles, tractors and lawnmowers; rainwater harvesting; header tanks; bilge, water and fuel tanks on boats; road paving machines; nuclear submarines; breweries; aircraft fuel tanks and many more.

The Deeter Group product range includes level sensors, complete wireless sensing systems, industrial weighing equipment, reed and proximity switches, security switches, termination assemblies, litz and magnetic wire and solar power systems.

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