Wednesday 18 May 2011

This company's a gazelle!

As award and tributes go we think this one is unique in calling the companies which receive it "Gazelles!" They are know for their speed and beauty - and hopefully they know how to earn "doe!" (Sorry!!!!)

The Belgian economic magazine “Trends” searches annually for “Gazelles” - fast growing companies that symbolize competitive entrepreneurship.

Magnetrol International NV, based in East Flanders (B), has again nominated in the category “large companies”. These companies reinforce the competitive capacity of the area thereby having a positive influence on business in general. The category contains companies with a turnover of at least €10 million.

Based on data and information published in Trends Top 100.000 – in which Magnetrol International NV ranks 3.773 – the editors examine which of the companies have grown the fastest in the period 2005 - 2009 as far as turnover, personnel and cash flow are concerned.

Since 1971 Magnetrol International NV has a branch office in Zele (larger Ghent Area), Belgium. Magnetrol grows each year thereby creating additional opportunities on the job market, two key factors that are taken into account while nominating companies for the ‘Trends Gazelles Award’.

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