Monday 23 May 2011

Air-air heat exchangers!

Rittal IP54 Air-Air Heat Exchangers offer low energy consumption

Rittal air-air heat exchangers can lead to attractive cost savings over refrigerant based air conditioners due to their simple design, low energy consumption and minimum maintenance. Air-air heat exchangers utilise the ambient air to cool the air within the enclosure interior using only two working parts.

Extracting heat from within the enclosure and releasing it into the surrounding environment the exchanger’s operation is based on the counterflow principle. Completely separate airflows are routed through the heat exchanger module by powerful fans which control the internal and external airflows. Thermal winding protection on the fan motors is provided as an added safety feature. The exchanger matrix, which is made of aluminium, is light and offers maximum durability.

Units can be mounted internally or externally on the wall or roof of an enclosure. Spanning between 12 and 90W/K the range follows a similar platform design including appropriation to UL and is available ready for connection, along with wiring and cutout drawings. Sizes and cut-out dimensions match the TopTherm cooling unit generation which gives the exchangers the added adaptability of being interchangeable with TopTherm cooling units.

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    Air to air heat exchangers are work with the process of heating, cooling or otherwise refreshing the air within a space. Incoming air can be heated or cooled depending on the seasons and environment, and on the desired interior atmosphere. Thanks a lot...