Monday 30 May 2011

New Coriolis meter sensor

Siemens Industry Automation Division has developed a new coriolis flow meter sensor for compressed natural gas (CNG) applications.

Sitrans FCS200 has a compact design, which allows for example the use of small and efficient dispensers. The high capacity with a flow rate up to 500 kg/min ensures faster fuelling. Via the Siflow FC070 Ex transmitter the new flow meter sensor can easily be integrated into Simatic automation systems. This allows a broad range of control, measurement and automation solutions for CNG distribution, compression, storage and refueling.

Every SITRANS FC Coriolis flow meter provides precise information about liquids or gases flowing through a pipe. Typically, our Coriolis flow measurement capabilities are used for measuring, mixing products, accounting, as well as many other applications. We emphasize safety, reliability and quality, and our innovative technologies regularly set new standards in Coriolis flow measurement.

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