Wednesday 4 May 2011

EtherCat control

Lenze's Controller 3200 C with EtherCAT to control the ECS servo system

Lenze's ECS servo system can now be ordered with a clock-synchronised EtherCAT interface. Combined with the new L-force Controller 3200 C for central control architectures, even the most demanding motion tasks in terms of number of axes and precision required can be solved effectively and economically.

The ECS servo system provides the compact servo drives with high dynamic performance that are necessary for motion tasks with highest requirements regarding precision and speed. They have been designed specifically for multi-axis applications in central control architectures. The versatile system includes a large selection of axis and power supply modules that can be connected to form a integrated unit. The ECS drives are perfectly matched to the highly dynamic motors in the MCS range, but can also be combined effectively with other synchronous and asynchronous motors.

The L-force Controller 3200 C has been designed for use in the control cabinet and is based on the energy-efficient Intel Atom® processor. The integrated 48 MBit/s backplane bus allows I/O modules from the I/O system 1000 to be directly side-mounted to the controller. A short cycle time and minimum jitter in combination with a time stamp guarantee that the motion system also complies with the strictest speed and synchronism requirements.

"With our combination of Controller 3200 C and ECS servo system, we offer the optimum solution for tasks with a large proportion of motion", explains Sören Mirbach from Control Technology Product Management at Lenze. "And integration of the ECS in the EtherCAT-based control environment rounds off our uniform, end-to-end portfolio for setting up central control architectures."

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