Monday 16 May 2011

Managing closed loop PLM

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has just published Closed-Loop Product Life Cycle Management—Using Smart Embedded Systems, edited by Markus Frey, PROMISE Interregional Coordinating Partner, Bombardier Transportation, Zurich, (CH).

The PROMISE technologies are a new type of “Closed-Loop Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) using Smart Embedded Systems,” which allow tracking of product information at all times and in any location around the world. This new closed-loop PLM—developed and validated in the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) project PROMISE—enables product users, maintainers, and manufacturers to manage the life cycle information of their products seamlessly over all life cycle phases, i.e., beginning of life (BOL), middle of life (MOL) and end of life (EOL).

This book promises to provide industrial users, as well as the broad R&D community, with an understanding of the principles behind the PROMISE technologies, their successful implementation in the PROMISE demonstrators, and their enormous potential to improve competitive advantage across the industrial spectrum.

The material for this book is taken from the PROMISE work and deliverables with contribution from all project partners. Markus Frey is the leader of the PROMISE project and editor in assembling this excellent compendium.

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