Friday 20 May 2011

Safe cable storage

New Cable Reel option for Earth-Rite Hazardous Area Static Grounding Systems

Newson Gale has introduced a new Self-Retracting Cable Reel option for their range of hazardous area static grounding systems. The VESM02 provides a rugged and versatile alternative to spiral (retractable) cable for the range of Earth-Rite® range of systems, which are typically used to ground (earth) road tanker trucks, railcars, mobile tanks, IBC’s, drums and other conductive plant items especially in outdoor locations where the cable may be exposed to rough treatment when not in use.
The VESM02 reel has been assessed and approved in accordance with European ATEX requirements for installation in Zone 1 (flammable gas/vapour) and 21 (combustible powder/dust), when connected to any Earth-Rite Grounding System with certified Intrinsically Safe monitoring circuit output. The unit is also suitable for use in conjunction with Earth-Rite systems with certified Intrinsically Safe monitoring circuit outputs according to North American NEC Class/Division approvals.

The VESM02 has a durable light-weight, all-steel housing with powder coated finish, suitable for use outdoors or indoors (NEMA 4 / IP 56 environmental / ingress protection). The reel is fitted with 50ft / 15.2 metres of Cen-Stat™Static Dissipative Hytrel® protected cable with adjustable ball-stop which is held under constant tension via a spring/auto-locking ratchet device, and also comes pre-terminated with a 10ft / 3 metre length of two-conductor connection cable, making it simple to wire in to the Earth-Rite Grounding System, irrespective of local wiring preferences (flexible cable or conduit).
The precision slip-ring assembly has a special “ultra-low-resistance” design making it suitable for monitoring extremely low earthing and bonding resistance values, which should be maintained at less than 10 Ohms as recommended by all major international static control technical standards and industry guidelines.

The VESM02 may be specified with Newson Gale’s ATEX and FM approved 2-Pole grounding clamps – for example the VESX90-IP Universal Heavy-Duty Clamp with Tungsten Carbide Contact Points which is commonly used for Road Tanker Trucks, Railcars and Mobile Tanks. Useful options include a Pivot Swivel Mounting Base which allows for up to 345 Degree Reel Rotation in areas where the reel must have a wide angle of use.

The VESM02 forms part of the Earth-Rite range of static grounding and bonding equipment available from Newson Gale. For more information contact your local office or in-country distributor.

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