Friday 27 May 2011

A solution for compact motor drive applications

IPMs - a power electronics solution for application embedded motor drives, which is compact and has good thermal characteristics?

Power electronics for application embedded motor drives need to be compact and to have good thermal characteristics. Different IPM (intelligent power module) concepts are competing with different sets of features to be the best solution.

Higher integration and more complex subsystems are some of the current mega trends in power electronics.  Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) are very popular for motor drive applications. They are a combination of power semiconductors like IGBTs, MOSFETs and diodes with peripheral components like driver circuits. If a whole subsystem has a good match to an application, an IPM can bring a lot of unique benefits.

In particular application integrated motor drives have very specific requirements: they need to be extremely compact, are often used in harsh environments and can have ten thousands of operating hours. Vincotech's flowIPM is dedicated to embedded motor drive applications and takes all typical requirements into consideration.

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