Tuesday 31 May 2011

Industrial cameras

3-CCD RGB Colour Cameras Now Available With GigE Vision

The JAI AT-140GE and AT-200GE 3-CCD cameras are available from Stemmer Imaging. Bringing the connectivity benefits of GigE Vision to 3-CCD technology, these new cameras feature a newly developed prism-block assembly to support the three CCDs. The AT-140GE and AT-200GE are ideal for a wide range of applications where colour is critical, including: print  inspection, paint  matching, medical  diagnostics, flat panel quality verification, semiconductor  production and food  sorting and have the performance and features to support a wide variety of machine vision applications.

The new dichroic prism block splits the incoming light into three distinct colour channels for precise RGB values and provides higher resolution and better light gathering ability than earlier 3CCD camera models. With precise sensor alignment (less than 1/4-pixel tolerance), this 3-CCD configuration offers better colour and spatial precision than single-CCD cameras which use Bayer filters and interpolation algorithms that give uncertainty for both edge positions and colour values. The cameras also contain a sophisticated linear colour matrix circuit which enables accurate colour space calibration with monitors, printers, and other peripherals.

The AT-140GE offers 1.4 Megapixel resolution (1392 x 1040) with 1⁄2” CCDs, while the AT-200GE provides 2 Megapixel resolution (1628 x 1236) based on three 1/1.8 inch CCDs. The new cameras operate at 20 frames per second (AT-140GE ) and 15 frames per second (AT-200GE ) at full resolution, with partial scan and binning modes available for even higher frame rates. A wide range of pre-set and programmable shutter and exposure modes are provided to support diverse application requirements.  Exposure can be controlled individually for each colour channel to enable colour balancing without noisy gain adjustments. 

A fully-compliant GigE Vision/GenICam interface lets users choose between 8- or 10-bit output per channel and provides the ability to transmit images up to 100m over industry-standard Ethernet cables. Software support includes a GigE Vision software development kit and Control Tool package.

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