Monday 16 May 2011

Force sensors for up to 700Kn

The introduction of a new piezoelectric press force sensor with a measuring range of up to 700kN (seven hundred thousand Newtons) extends the scope of Kistler Instruments force sensors from 100N (one hundred Newtons) to 700kN. Designed for measuring dynamic and quasistatic forces, the whole range is supplied preloaded and calibrated for three ranges. The overload factor of 100 eliminates the need for expensive protection and the sensors are protected to IP65 with the detachable cable or IP67 with a welded cable.

The exceptionally constant accuracy of the piezoelectric element allows a single sensor to be used over a wide load range. Typically, the new 700kN sensor has three calibrated measuring ranges; 7kN, 70kN and 700kN. This flexibility may be further extended by using the range switching capability of the Kistler ICAM charge amplifier. This wide measuring range makes the sensors especially suited to production and measuring stations handling a wide variety of components.

The new 700kN sensor is 145 mm in diameter and 190 mm high and has mounting flanges at both ends to facilitate interfacing in most applications. Centering rings are supplied as standard to simplify axial positioning and the symmetrical shape simplifies installation on connecting rods or press plungers. Where required, a wide range of accessories are available to suit more complex installations.

The range of Kistler piezoelectric, press force sensors now extends from 100N (one hundred Newtons) to 700kN. The full specification of the Type 9393A force sensors may be downloaded from their web site.

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