Wednesday 11 May 2011

New technology for water monitoring in Russia

A new distribution partnership in Russia for the Intellitect Water's flagship Intellisonde™ in-pipe water quality monitor has been announced

The Intellisonde™ is designed to provide water organisations with more efficient access to drinking water quality data and will now be distributed across municipal sectors in Russia by Ekaterinburg based company Aquatech.

Developed to continuously monitor in-pipe water within drinking water distribution networks, the Intellisonde™ is a small water quality monitor that can be inserted into pressurised pipes to monitor up to 12 parameters.

Liza Lozhnikova, from Aquatech’s Water Quality Monitoring Department, believes that the Intellitect technology can help improve the way drinking water is monitored in Russia. “In-pipe water quality monitoring is a massive challenge across the country, mainly due to the vast water supply network, which consists of over 500,000km of piping,” she said.

“We are very excited about this new technology because the Intellisonde™ will reveal the quality of drinking water between treatment plants and the consumer for the first time.”

Tony Halker Intellitect Water’s CEO, added: “We are very pleased to announce another new distribution partnership for the Intellisonde™. The Russian market represents enormous potential for the Intellisonde™ because a great deal of work is currently being undertaken to improve drinking water quality and this technology can help to ensure that such work is cost-effective. The visibility of water quality within the distribution network helps to reduce the cost of water treatment and network management is greatly enhanced because managers are able to identify potential problems much earlier than has ever been possible before. ”

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