Wednesday 18 May 2011

OPC redundancy solution

MatrikonOPC™ has released the most powerful version of its OPC redundancy software - OPC Redundancy Broker.  The latest version adds features sought after by users, including support for 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system and expanded redundancy protection to include historical data transfers based on the OPC Foundation’s Historical Data Access (HDA) specification. Being open standards-based means users can protect all of their OPC Servers, real-time or historical – regardless of the OPC Server vendor.

OPC Redundancy Broker is designed for OPC applications that require the use of redundant hardware or software to achieve the highest degree of communication reliability. ORB can even be retrofitted to current systems because it functions with any OPC server DA, HDA, or A&E, regardless of vendor.

From simple communication-failure based failovers to powerful condition based failovers – OPC Redundancy Broker has the functionality needed in virtually any redundancy application. Easy to use, OPC Redundancy Broker guides users with intuitive step-by-step configuration choices that help them best protect their systems in minutes. OPC Redundancy Broker offers three types of redundant pairs: Hot, Warm, or Cold between the primary and secondary OPC Servers. It handles all configuration and fail-over issues automatically. It also provides additional monitoring capability in the form of watchdog tags that trigger a fail-over between the Primary and Secondary OPC Servers. These watchdog tags can be configured based on the OPC item’s Value, Value change, Quality, or Timestamp. The combination of these features minimizes the fault-tolerance of the system and promotes maximum system redundancy.

“Customers turn to us because control system downtime is not an option. MatrikonOPC products are reliable and easy to use helping users to quickly and correctly deploy the software knowing their systems are properly protected. With the newly added features in OPC Redundancy Broker - everyone using OPC can now protect their systems to maximize up-time and profitability.” said Seán Leonard, Matrikon’s vice president of OPC products.

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