Thursday 19 May 2011

Strategic cooperation agreement

ISaGRAF and infoteam Software have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, infoteam Software becomes a distributor of the ISaGRAF product and a preferred Engineering Services provider in Europe, Germany and China, gaining access to advanced tools for IEC 61499 and IEC 61508 safety. This agreement will also allow ISaGRAF to bundle infoteam services with their products to make much more complete offerings to customers worldwide.

ISaGRAF will continue to develop and promote its flagship IEC 61131 and IEC 61499 product, ISaGRAF. It will also leverage some key technologies made available by infoteam.

infoteam Software will continue to support their well-known OpenPCS product. In addition, infoteam Software will offer industrial and safety automation engineering services for the ISaGRAF product. infoteam Software will be able to combine the ISaGRAF offering with its current technology, providing a long-term path for its existing customer base.

"This cooperation is a natural evolution for infoteam. The use of the technological advances and the superior environment in the ISaGRAF Automation Collaborative Platform will help infoteam focus on providing its customer base and the automation market in general with the best-possible solution to address their needs. While ISaGRAF and infoteam have competed in the past, this cooperation will make our offering unique worldwide," said Dr. Wolfgang Brendel, Chairman of infoteam Software.

"infoteam will provide a strong engineering arm to the ISaGRAF business. Its operations in Europe and Asia will be a major contribution to help customers develop new products using ISaGRAF. All the expertise that infoteam has gained in developing and promoting the IEC 61131 OpenPCS solutions, combined with the ISaGRAF technology will show immediate benefits to the ISaGRAF community," said Julien Chouinard, ISaGRAF Managing Director.

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