Wednesday, 3 March 2010

User-friendly fieldbus communication via Bluetooth

With the new PSI-Bluetooth-Profibus set from Phoenix Contact, Bluetooth technology is used for wireless fieldbus communication with Profibus. The Bluetooth frequency-hopping technique particularly impresses in metallic environments technology and also shows its strengths when coexisting with other wireless systems.

A distinguishing feature of the set is that it enables devices to be started even more quickly, as there is absolutely no configuring to be done when establishing a Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth converters are pre-configured for an invisible, password-protected point-to-point connection. After installation, the devices automatically connect themselves therefore permitting a wireless Profibus connection with data transfer rates of 187.5 kBit/s. By using a high-performance transceiver based on Bluetooth 2.0 technology, ranges of up to 150 m and more can be achieved.

With the set, complex Profibus connections to moving devices, which were previously only possible using costly drag chains, slip rings or other cable-based solutions, can now be quickly implemented at a favorable price.

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