Tuesday 23 March 2010

New product guide

CAN in Automation (CiA) has published the CANopen Product Guide 2010 on the Internet and on CD-ROM.

A total of 287 CANopen-specific entries are listed and provide a comprehensive overview of CANopen products. Devices are listed by the application-specific employability and by their functionality (e.g. controller and display, sensor and actuator, gateway). The product entries, which also include CANopen software, literature and services, can be looked up by their product name or by their manufacturer's name. As a special service they are additionally listed by their conformance to the CiA device and application profiles.

Extensive information on worldwide sales and technical company contacts are included in a company-specific section. Ample information on CANopen, the standardized embedded network, and on the CiA device and application profiles is provided as well. In addition, the CANopen Product Guide will be distributed on CD-ROM at the international CiA training events as well as on national and international fairs and exhibitions. The CANopen Product Guide 2010 on CD-ROM is also available free of charge from CIA Headquarters.

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