Wednesday 31 March 2010

Easy to install, time saving delayed valve

Tyco Waterworks has a new EBCO Delayed Valve (EBV), developed and manufactured to provide full flow replenishment of storage tanks used in high rise buildings, buildings with multiple outlets fed from storage tanks or from pumped systems.

This new delayed valve is packed full of time, energy and cost saving features. After extensive field trials, engineers have found that ease of installation is its most outstanding attribute. The Delayed Valve has been designed as a simple mechanical device, comes fully assembled and can be fitted easily and efficiently straight from the box, with no need to dismantle the unit before installation. For added efficiency, the adjustable delay valve design means that the positioning of the floats to provide the required delay can be carried out away from the tank. This makes installation more convenient and reduces the possibility of spills and water damage during installation.

Technically, the design is based on the renowned and established EBCO equilibrium ball float valve and this new EBV incorporates the unique and patented ECOvalve fill control device. Allowing the valve to open fully and operate at full flow every fill cycle, means that trickling is eliminated, valve and pump wear is significantly reduced and running costs are kept to a minimum. Tyco Waterworks has shown that an energy saving of up to 81% can be achieved by installing the EBV. The robust and simple mechanical design can operate in tanks with walls sloping up to 5º and does not require precise vertical or horizontal levelling for the valve to function.

For added versatility, it is available in single float (fixed delay) or twin float (adjustable delay) versions. The adjustable twin float device is recommended for tank systems with a raised inlet or float valve housing, so the float can be adjusted to allow optimum main tank capacity.

Cost savings can also be made due to the fact that there is no need for ancillary equipment. In other products on the market, filters are often part of the design and not only do they add to the cost of the original job, but they need to be replaced regularly and require ongoing maintenance. The Tyco Waterworks delayed valves provide the perfect cost-effective ‘fit and forget’ solution.

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