Friday 26 March 2010

New option for mixed signal oscilloscope

A FlexRay serial bus analysis function is now available as an option to 4-channel models in the Yokogawa DLM2000 Series of mixed-signal oscilloscopes.

Designed to provide physical-layer waveform observation and protocol analysis for the fast, highly reliable FlexRay in-vehicle local area network, the new facility allows the user to capture FlexRay bus signals with a wide variety of dedicated triggers and carry out analysis and troubleshooting on parameters that can affect the FlexRay signal.

With the new analysis function, the DLM2000 can automatically detect and display packet information directly beneath the time-domain waveform and can search or trigger on specific serial bus conditions. A wide variety of trigger conditions can be set, including ID/data trigger combinations and combinations of serial bus triggers with normal edge triggers.

An important feature of the serial bus analysis function on the DLM2000 Series is that it enables simultaneous analyses of different buses. Waveforms and analysis results from two buses with different speeds can be displayed in individual zoom screens with different scales.

The series is a family of mixed-signal oscilloscopes offering up to 500 MHz bandwidth and 2.5 GS/s sampling speed along with the longest memory (up to 125 M points) and fastest update rate (up to 450,000 waveforms per second) in this class of instrument. The combination of flexible analogue and digital inputs, plus a large-screen display in a compact ergonomically styled body, makes the instruments exceptionally easy to use.

In addition to the key performance specifications, the DLM2000 Series features a number of advanced measurement and analysis features, including histogram and trending functions, up to 20,000 history memories, digital filtering, zoom windows, and user-defined mathematics.

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