Monday 15 March 2010

New management portal

The number of users at the online management portal for M2M and Remote Device Management is growing very fast. Due to increasing demands IntelliCom Innovation have introduced several new features to monitor, control and manage remote units in an easy, reliable and cost efficient way.

Some of the new features are;
Extended support for the award winning Netbiter EasyConnect concept that provides true plug’n’play installation of wireless devices, including secure access of firewall protected equipment.

There is now a software API basedon web services like SOAP ayt the site. It makes it possible to interface remote data to business applications, Intranets, web sites etc.

Modbus connectivity has been added on some GPRS and I/O based products.

Alarms are now supported via RSS feeds. The alarm scheduler has also been improved.

Last but not least the report engine has been updated to support more reports and customisation options.

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