Saturday 13 March 2010

Favorably priced solution to visualize process flows

Today, simple and cost-efficient solutions are required for the automated operation of machines and plants: With its web panels, based on web technology, Phoenix Contact is offering a simple and favorably priced entry-level solution for the visualization of process flows of machines and plants. The new HMIs are suitable for operator control and visualization – especially for smaller machines where complex system screens do not have to be visualized.

All web panels use the simple, intuitive Web Visit development environment to visualize process flows. In this case, the compact control, for instance the ILC 130 ETH control, which is connected with the web panel, acts as a web server for data processing and visualization. Data can be displayed on the web panel connected via Ethernet using the micro-browser that is integrated in the panel.

The WP 04T web panel with 3.5” TFT touch color display and WP 06T with 5.7” TFT touch color display supplement the controls of the 100-type class to facilitate cost-efficient visualization. These devices can also be combined with other controls of the automation system.

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